Mind the Pin

I was a block and a half away from a spot that was hitting %200 fares.  So I stopped and started reading because who cares?  Driving around aimlessly anyway.  Might as well see if I hit something there.

Then I get a pickup 3 interstate exits away. The spot was about 300 feet from an onramp, so whatever. I went. I get to the pin which was right in front of a fast food place where they were finishing up closing inside.  There were also 2 people standing nearby talking next to a car. Whatever. I’ll wait.

Five minutes comes, I call. He says “I’m right next to the Dave and Busters.”  I ask where that is in relation to the pin that was right next to <whatever fast food place it was, i forget>” … he said “What? I don’t know. I’m at the Dave and Busters in Westgate.”

I was in a parking spot right under the Dave and Busters sign on the east side of the building when I got the pickup request.  This mother fucker could have got right in my car in a matter of seconds if he had put the pin in the correct spot, or otherwise set the pickup location correctly.

“If you look at the app you can see where you set the pickup request. That’s all we have to go on. We go to the pin.  We can’t know if the pin is correct or not, the pin location is set by you. Lyft doesn’t do it, you do it.”

he responded “What? I’m at Dave and Busters.”

“Your pin is right by In and Out (I remember now) three interstate exits south of dave and busters.  You need to pay attention to where the pickup location is set to.” I responded.

Angrily he says “this is the third time I’ve tried to get picked up tonight.”

I don’t remember what I said, but I know I didn’t let myself say “Maybe that’s a sign you should just walk because you suck at using the app.”

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FUCKING PICKUP LOCATION.  It’s all the drivers have to go on.

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