Two, then One

A pickup pin was placed somewhere nobody was.  Right on side of a street where nothing was but a tree and a brick wall that went on for a full block in either direction. I finally wandered around and found myself in a little parking lot between two really run down looking buildings. One side had a lady who looked like she had never slept standing against a wall. The other had a bunch of up-to-no-good types standing around. I pulled in to see if they were waiting for an uber but the way they looked at me I just backed out and drove around to see if I could see anything nearby.

When I came back, I texted and asked where they would like picked up. They said in the parking lot. I sat in view of that parking lot which btw, I noticed had broken glass in it about the moment I decided I was getting the fuck out of there. The other looked basically empty, as did the apartment complex it was next to.

After a moment, two girls came out and got in. I could smell sweet smelling pot, and they were very friendly. Everything seemed normal, and the text came in saying they should be out there.  I said they’re in the car and we’re good to go, and the response was positive.

The destination came up and I verified with them that it was correct. I started off and they were talking about the guys who were there. One of the passengers was 22 and the other was 17. They were apparently long time friends, and joked how one of the guys was totally trying to bang the 17 year old even though he was twice her age.

The subject switched to tv shows and I started talking with the 22 year old about The Walking Dead, because the 17 year old said she never liked it or watched it. We talked about it the majority of the trip home, to the point the 17 year old was getting annoyed and feeling left out.

I felt bad about it for about three seconds.  But seeing how adorable the 22 year old was, I wasn’t about to snub her and make both of them unhappy.

We got to the drop off and I wished them a happy evening in return. They got out and I closed the fare.

I made it about 200 feet towards the end of the block before my next fare came in. I tapped accept and tapped navigate and was very confused. The pin was right where I dropped the last people off.  I went back to Uber to check, and it said that location too.  Cool, probably somebody else from that complex going somewhere.

I flip a bitch and get back there and see the 22 year old standing there.  I start to drive by her looking for who the fare is and she looks offended and throws her hands up.  I stop and back up and roll my window down.

She laughs and asks if I’m avoiding her now, and if she needs to use lyft instead of uber.  I say no no, are you going somewhere?  I looked at the name and said “oh your name is <name>?”  She scoffed and said “Well if you don’t even remember my name!”

I paused for a couple seconds in thought and responded “You never told me your name, I’m pretty sure.”  She squinted at me then laughed and nodded her head.  She said her name (even though I guess in retrospect she could have lied, but the pin was exactly where she was standing, and nobody was in sight anywhere.)

She got in and the address put in was like a block away.  I said “I can drive you the block instead of walking that’s fine” in a playful and joking voice.  She laughed and gasped at me.  She told me she wished she had gotten another uber driver and we both laughed.

once we got to the parking lot, we were already talking about the walking dead again. I stopped and she kept talking.  I asked if I was where she wanted to be going, and she said yes but she just wanted to keep talking.  I jokingly (but was serious) told her that I can’t afford to just sit on a fare and make 10 cents a minute.

She laughed and told me, well then, drive somewhere while we talk.  I asked if she was sure and she said she had plenty of money burning a hole in her pocket and not to worry about it.  So we drove around for an hour and a half or so and she gave me a 50 dollar fare plus a 5 dollar tip. Was pretty cool.  I thought about getting on the interstate and flying around but that seemed like it was across the line.  As it was, that was 3x what I make most hours anyway, so it was cool with me.

She was the first text buddy I made through Uber, as a side note.

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