Squawk, Squawk

Nice try, GPS. The path suggested goes down a street running parallel between the highway and a housing development. The only thing on each side of that street is a high stone wall. So I analyzed the map and went through the housing development to the location.

Since the pin was dropped in a strange place it took a moment to figure out what house it even was. Once I did, I noticed a gorgeous person standing out front. They were looking at their phone, then went inside.  I proceeded to sit there for 5 minutes.  I texted that I was outside and they responded it’ll just be a few more minutes.

Right as I was about to leave, four gorgeous women (maybe or maybe not including the one I noticed when I pulled up) started approaching the car. They get in and immediately start talking nonstop. The person who got up front I ascertained was the person who called for the ride.

They were talking about eyebrows and ugly people they partied with and comparing people to the better or worse aspects physically of stars like the kardashians and minaj and the like. Many of which I didn’t have a clue who they were talking about. Meanwhile, the girl up front kept apologizing for their madness.

It was unreal. At times two heated conversations were going on over top of each other. Sometimes, one person would be heavily involved in both.  That, at least, was fairly impressive.

The strangest thing, the building I dropped them off at looked like the rattiest building I have ever seen in the entire Phoenix Metro.  Crap was everywhere, it looked like stuff I see in New York alleys.  Only, it was the main hallway entering, and there were two security guys standing around apparently doing nothing out front.

Whatever, they seemed excited to be going there.

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